Thanks to 2017 and Cheers to 2018!

2017 was a year filled with vulnerability, fear, bravery, love, struggle, laughter, tears, growth, adjustment, and amazement for our family.

Aaron and I begin 2018 today anticipating love, fun, lots of playtime, and of course more of the hard stuff, too.  I don’t think the good stuff is as good without having to grind through some tough stuff now and then.  But slogging through any turbulence is so much easier for each of us now with a true and understanding partner by our sides.

We have five imaginative, happy, energetic, and interesting kids to share our life with.

We have a beautiful old home filled with awesome craziness that is starting to fill up with lots and lots of memories.

I suppose I could also mention the two canine and one feline lives who share our house; Drake, Oliver, and Cliff have a pretty good gig here these days, despite four energetic kids who try to dress them up and turn them into a Spy Dog or Cat on a regular basis.  There are almost certainly some spiders, mice, and bats who call this old house home, too, but I prefer to think of them as silent and invisible roommates.

Aaron is the mastermind of his own businesses and works beyond hard to provide for our family and help his clients solve their problems.  Aaron continues his role on the school board and several other boards, and I am incredibly proud of all the work he does for students, teachers, and our city.

Our family’s focus on education magnified this year as I transitioned from my role (and my 24/7/365 on call schedule) as an undertaker to a new career teaching science in a nearby town.  I never imagined I could love teaching as much as I do!  I think back to all the days I spent playing school as a kid, and I really do feel like I get to play every day now.  My students teach me new things each day, and I am happy to be a part of their lives and have the opportunity to teach them all about scientific curiosity.  Every day at school brings new challenges and certainly keeps me on my toes.  Grad school classes are going well, and between that and professional development opportunities, I feel like my brain is stretching and growing a lot!

I hope that 2018 brings more fun, love, and growth for our family along with good and peaceful things for our community and our world.  My focus for 2018 will be on family, teaching, and soaking up the craziness of our amazing new life as a family of seven.  I am eternally grateful that I get to live life with Aaron, kiss him anytime I want to, and raise our wild Wolfe Pack together.

~ Cristina